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Mp Cleaner

Pure Plant Extract Treatment For Poultry Mycoplasma Respiratory Diseases.

علاج مستخلصات نباتية نقية لأمراض الجهاز التنفسي للمفطورة الدواجن.

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English Name:  Mp Cleaner

Dosage From: Oral Solution 

Main Ingredients:

Per Liter Contain

Houttuynia----------------------1500mg      Morus alba------------------- 2100mg

Campanulaceae. Licorice-----1000mg     QS----------------------------------1 Liter


Initial symptoms of mycoplasma

1.Deformed eye circles. Conjunctival redness .Small bubbles in the eyes.

2.Sometimes chicken will scratch its nose and eyes with its paws

3.Nose and eye sockets are dirty. small snore voice.

4.Foam on the mesentery and abdominal air sacs when dissecting.

Late stage symptoms of mycoplasma:

1. Eyes are aggravated, eye circles are obviously deformed.

2. Eyes are watery,  lots of foam inside.

3 .Snore / Cough / Throw nose / Strange Vioce

Mycoplasma Respiratory Disease Characteristics:

Long disease formation time. long treatment time .

Vertical transmission virus.. Belong kind of chronic respiratory disease.

Most Chicken Has Resistance In Body About Anitibiotic . 

Suggest Use Herbal Treatment For Poultry Mycoplasma Respiratory Disease. Effective with 0 Side Effect

Dosage:1ml mix water 1 liter 

Package:250ml / 500ml

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