Multi Anti Virals
  • Multi Anti Virals
Multi Anti Virals

Multi Anti Virals

Combine three type efficacy of antiviral,relieve exterior syndrome and regulating immunity.

PowerFul Natural Herbal Extract Anti-Virus + Detoxification For Poultry

مستخلص عشبي طبيعي مضاد للفيروسات + إزالة السموم من الدواجن

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Chinese Name 汉方一号

English Name:  Multi Anti Virus

Dosage From: Oral Solution 

Composition :

Each 1 Liter Contain

Eucommia ulmoides oliv------------5000mg    Eucalyptus oil---------6500mg

Thymus essential oi------------------7300mg     Natural menthol-----8500mg

Chinese honeysuckle extraction--4700mg.   QS---------------------------1Liter

Product Features

1. Pure natural plant extraction,combine with plant essential Nano-technology .

   integrating  efficacy  of antiviral,anti fever and relieve respiratory tract symptom.

2. Natural broad spectrum antibiotics. 0 harmful for poultry. Suint for every breeding stage.

3. Effective for virus fever. green faeces.  respiratory syndrome.  food intake decreased

   caused by newcastle disease.

4. Can use only or use together with any antibotic for different viral disease. 

Shelf Life: 2 years.              


500mll / 1 Liter

Usage and administration :

500ml/bottle with drinking water 400 Liter for 3-5 days.

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