How harmful does moldy feed for poultry farming

May. 18 , 2020

How harmful does moldy feed for poultry farming ?

Eight types of mycotoxins produced,. Like Aflatoxin. Zearalenone. Ochratoxin. Etc.

Which disease does mycotoxins caused ?

1.     It can lead to immunity decline and diarrhea, Increase respiratory tract infection in poultry.

2.     In the late stage of avian infection, all the domestic animals infected with mycotoxin are prone to infection, disease and poor therapeutic effect.

3.     If chicken poisoning by zearalenone. It will anorectal prolapse / depilation seriously. red  cockscomb and show Symptoms of false Rooster .

4.     Immunosuppressive disease. late stage leads to poor organism immunity. Easily got Mycoplasma synovialis Glandular gastritis and Newcastle disease. 


If find Moldy feed. Please change in time .

Storage poultry feed in cool and good Ventilation place.

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