Multi Virus Saver
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  • Multi Virus Saver
  • Multi Virus Saver
  • Multi Virus Saver
Multi Virus SaverMulti Virus SaverMulti Virus SaverMulti Virus Saver

Multi Virus Saver

Herbal Extract For Poultry Mix Viral Respiratory Disease 

مستخلصات عشبية لأمراض الجهاز التنفسي الفيروسية

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Chinese Name:  汉方感杀

English Name:  Multi Virus Saver

Dosage From: Water Soluble Powder 

Main Composition

Dandelion.  Radix Isatidis. Houttuynia cordata 

Thunb.  Peppermint oil. Radix bupleuri. Gypsum.  Almond.         

Product Feature:

1. 8 kinds Natural plants extract essential oils powerful combination effective treatment 

    for air sacculitis / respiratory disease caused by mixed infection with virus, mycoplasma 

    and escherichia coli.

2. 0 drug residue can use in every breeding stage and no drug withdrawal for egg laying period.

Administration And Dosage

1g mix 1 liter drinking water . Continuous use for 5 days.

Shelf Life:  

3 years.


1kg / 500g / 100g


Vet use only . far away from children .

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