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Burfen PlusBurfen PlusBurfen PlusBurfen Plus

Burfen Plus

Anti Viral Fever Oral Solution For Chicken Farming.

مكافحة الحمى الفيروسية عن طريق الفم الحل لزراعة الدجاج

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English Name: Burfen Plus

Dosage From: Oral Solution

Main Composition:

Rehmannia Root .Gardenia skullcap . Forsythia Scrophulariaceae. Etc ..


1.This product is refined from a variety of plant essential oils. It can quickly resolve the common 

    symptoms of fever and malaise (faintness) in poultry clinics.

2.Relieve acute adverse reactions caused by various pressures (such as thermal pressure, excessive

    negative pressure (hypoxia) and poor ventilation).

3.It has inhibition for Mycobacterium tuberculosis in vitro, influenza virus. anti-inflammatory.

Clinical manifestation:

1.Limp. Paralysis. Joint swelling on Tarsal joint. Paw pads. Toe joint. Wing joint.



500ml mix water 750kg . Continuous for 3-5 days

Shelf life:

 2  years

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