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Egg Saviour

Egg Color /  Eggshell Thickness / Thick /  Improver 

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Egg Saviour

(2.5% Layer Chicken Health Care Compound Premixed Feed)

Current problem in laying hen farm .

1.Thin eggshell, easy to break.

2. Not easy to store and transport for long distances.

3. Poor eggshell color , bad looking . cant selling a good price .

4. Eggshell quality has became an important factor affecting the laying hens farm benefit .


According to those problem.

We have developed and launched new products. - Egg Saviour

In 2018 Jan we choose 8 farm test this medicine.


Result as follows:

Eggshell thickness increased by 7.8% on average

Eggshell color increased by 6% on average

Increase egg yellowness by 1-2 degrees

Sand thin and broken eggs reduced by 1%

Egg production increased by 0.3%

Egg weight increased by 0.25%


Customer are satisfied after comparison the eggshell thickness, eggshell color, egg yolk color and egg production with not use group. And thin eggshell / Deformity / Broken egg decrease obviously.



Per 25kg contain (KG)

Vitamin(Contain choline)-----------------1.5 (Conventional nutrient elements)

Trace element  (Contain organic trace elements)-----.3.0 (Conventional nutrient elements)

Amino acid----------------------------2.0 (Conventional nutrient elements)

Calcium / Phosphorus / Salt-------------13.0 (Conventional nutrient elements)

Microecology-------------------------0.25 (Keep intestinal health comprehensively)

Enzyme------------------------------0.25 (Promote nutrition comprehensive absorption)

Plant Extract Medicine--------------------5 (Product carrier. not stone powder. Not starch etc.  )


Plant Extract Medicine (Carrier ) Interpretation:

Liver& Kidney Booster – Chalk. Rhizoma Polygonatum. Ligustrum lucidum. Dodder.

Strengthening Spleen Stomach - Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae. Magnolia bark.

Clean Heart& Lung - Dwarf Winter Wheat. Radix polygonati officinalis. Licorice.

Vital Energy & Blood Supplement: Angelica.Codonopsis pilosula. Astragalus membranaceus. Motherwort.

Detumescence Pain - Poria cocos. Dandelion.


Usage And Dosage

Per bag/ 25kg mix one ton feed.

Recommended Formula.

Raw Material


Soybean meal

Bean oil

Stone powder

Egg Saviour


  Formula 1







  Formula 2







Egg Saviour 

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