Black Lung Cure
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  • Black Lung Cure
Black Lung CureBlack Lung Cure

Black Lung Cure

Black lung. Rotten lung . Bronchial embolism. Just Use Black Lung Cure

  علاج الدواجن الرئة السوداء

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Poria, angelica, areca peel, orange peel, Ophiopogon japonicus, Panax quinquefolium, Guanmutong, Gypsum,


Target Species: Poultry



Use For-

1. Poultry black lung. Pulmonary Edema/Thoracic bronchus solid embolism/ Lung Bronchial solid embolization/ Caused by Mild flu H9.

2. Hollow embolism symptoms Caused by High negative pressure, stuffy shed. High heat and low humidity.

3. Pulmonary necrosis caused by mycotoxin . expiratory dyspnea.


1. Mycotoxin accumulation causes pulmonary edema, necrosis and carcinogenesis in poultry. (May – Otc High incidence 45%)

2. Mild influenza (H9), pulmonary dysfunction, pneumonia and pulmonary melanosis after tracheal embolism. (Oct-December High incidence 25%)

3. High temperature and humidity environment, high ventilation, high negative pressure caused by pulmonary edema, black lung, high casualties. (July-Oct High incidence 15%)

4. After 30 days of age, the respiratory tract of broiler could not be cured for a long time and the feeding rate was low. (July-November High incidence 10%)

5. Typhoid Bacillus causes chickens to open their mouths and stretch necks, wheeze, scream, gray lungs, yellow-white phlegm clearance of trachea. (March-June High incidence 5%) .


Administration and dosage

Treatment:1ml mix drinking water 1liter




Black Lung Cure

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