Uterine Infection Cure
  • Uterine Infection Cure
  • Uterine Infection Cure
  • Uterine Infection Cure
  • Uterine Infection Cure
Uterine Infection CureUterine Infection CureUterine Infection CureUterine Infection Cure

Uterine Infection Cure

Herbal Extract Treatment For Female Pig Dairy Cows Sheep Uterine Infection / Reproductive System Inflammation Disease.

علاج مستخلص عشبي لأنثى الخنازير وأبقار الألبان والأغنام لعدوى الرحم / مرض التهاب الجهاز التناسلي.

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Main Composition:

Matrine, Catechin, Phellodendron Extract, Alum, Borneol. Fallopia multiflora .


1.Use for Female Dairy Cow. Pigs, Endometritis, Cervicitis, Vaginitis. and other reproductive system inflammation diseases.

2.Relief pain /  Antiseptic / Anti-inflammatory in short time .

Product Features:

1.Advanced effervescent process technology. Cover Reproductive System without any dead space. Effective. Rapid. Fully Anti-Inflammatory.

2.Pure herbal extract effervescent tablets. 0 harm for uterus. 0 residue.

3.Easy to use .Rapid anti-inflammatory. Can start mating after use .

Usage And Dosage: Tablet Weight:

Vaginal Input (By Dosing Gun) : 

Cattle.Pig  : 1 -2 Tablet / Time .

Sheep        : 1 Tablet / Time


1. Not to be taken orally. 

2. Protective measures such as long arm gloves should be worn in the course of dosing 

3. Packing cracks or white fog on the inner wall of the package stop using.


Sealed, stored in dry place

Easy To Use  Low Treatment Cost !

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